International  Dairy Traders Specialising In Butter

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Telephone:  +44 (0) 1792 310567

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73a Newton Road. Mumbles. Swansea. SA3 4BL. United Kingdom

Company Reg: 02371968 

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The Executive


The Story........

The Company Evan Rees (Butter) Ltd was established in June 1989 after Russell Carman took over from the previous Evan Rees Ltd setup. After 22 Years of successful trading we introduce a radical new business model which enables us to continue servicing our Customers all over the UK, and Internationally by having all our Production requirements outsourced.


Today, we are a small family business that trades a respectful volume of product and we continue to move and adapt to the ever demanding challenges we find ourselves faced within the Dairy Industry.  We are constantly up against the huge volatility of the Commodities Markets, but owing to our years of experience and vast network of associates we always try and manage to find a way of doing business.  


We would love to hear from you, please contact us with any enquiries no matter how big or small.

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Russell Carman forms Evan Rees (Butter) Ltd in 1989.


We Relocate to larger premises Swansea Enterprise Park 1990.


Phase I of extension programme 1994.


Phase II of Extension Programme 1999.


Evan Rees (Butter) Ltd decides to withdraw from having its own Production Facilities - 2011.


A whole new business model is introduced by outsourcing all our production requirements 2012.


Russell Carman retires and the business is taken over by his Son and Daughter Daniel and Sophie Carman 2012.